Inverse is a self contained portable upside down straitjacket escape prop. You can perform this on stage or on location at a publicity stunt. It comes standard at a staggering 20 foot tall, but can be built custom to your height specifications.

Quick Facts:
Takes 10 minutes to set up
Packs flat
Breaks down and will strap into most trucks (The longest piece is 10 feet)
Comes with online video instructions
Painted black
Straitjacket not included in base model



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Morgan pushes the boundary of metal bending by introducing a never before seen routine that doesn’t just bend metal, but allows the metal to destroy itself and break apart into the spectator’s hands.

Or watch as your spectator manipulates a shadow on the wall while psychically altering the metal.

Also includes full, revised cut of Liquid Metal 1.

$19.95 + Shipping

This is the DVD release we're most famous for in the magic world. Morgan's routine shocked our friends and heroes in the magic community by taking spoon bending to a place none of us thought it could go. If you like the idea of using the power of your mind bend metal, inches from your spectator's face, this DVD is for you.

Everyone has heard stories of unique people who can bend metal through extreme concentration, but nobody seems to know for certain that it happens or if it?s possible... UNTIL THEY MEET YOU!
You?re about to learn the most VISUAL metal bending routine in the world.

$29.95 + Shipping

This is as clean as it gets. The floating coin is as precise and breathtaking as an olympic figure skating routine, and the bend is as earth-shattering as an Indy car crashing into the wall at 220 miles per hour.

You'll learn the full routine with all of the subtleties.
Spun features:

Live performance footage on the streets of Las Vegas Complete lecture-style explanations Special follow-along practice session with Noblezada.

$19.95 + Shipping

It doesn't get any cleaner than this! A coin is borrowed, signed, and immediately bent only inches from the spectator's face.

No funny moves!
No expensive equipment!
The signed coin never leaves the spectator's sight!
What You Get

Learn the full routine as performed by Morgan at Bellagio. Learn all the subtleties that make this THE coin bend to perform in real life situations.


Bending Metal is one thing - but what if you could bend glass?
Molten allows you to do just that. A beer bottle taken from a spectator becomes pliable and bends to your will with just a rub of your fingers - right in front of their eyes.
NOTE: The teaching video is available as a download only, the Molten bottle will be shipped to you.
• Available in Corona or Root Beer Designs
• Download the teaching video instantly
• Taught by Morgan Strebler from the set of Liquid Metal 2

$60.00 + Shipping


Morgan’s new & exclusive street wear is here!!! Don’t just wear a shirt……

wear a statement! The much anticipated “Fork You” shirts are now available! ORDER EARLY!

$20.00 + Shipping

A Batman comic book is shown, inside and out, front and back. With a wave of the book through the air, it magically changes into a Superman comic book! Again, it is shown inside and out, front and back.

This is a visually stunning effect, and you don’t even have to be a skilled magician to pull it off! It’s so easy to learn, that even if you’re not a magician, you can keep this self-contained magical comic book in your home, to freak out your friends when they least expect it!

$30.00 + Shipping

The spectator is asked to draw a picture on a piece of paper. You wave your hand over the paper, and the picture that the audience member had drawn appears on your palm.

There are no plants or stooges involved, just Mentalism at its purest. I have been performing this effect for quite some time.

The reactions that it generates are amazing. I just recently performed this effect for my upcoming TV special. It takes 30 seconds to set up and you are ready to go! INSTANT DOWNLOAD


I do a Russian roulette for restaurants , parlor, and stage. It's 100% safe!

You borrow a valuable object from the spectator, and it's put under a cup. They turn their back, and you mix up the cups, and then vise versa.

You then proceed to bring out a hammer and start smashing cups at their command. Their object is under the last cup is their "unharmed" item. INSTANT DOWNLOAD